Spring '15

Not betraying her essential aims, designer Irina Volkova focuses on elegance, quality of work and bourgeois feel. The main stake was the pastel colors that appear in all the materials in collection be it fur, leather or silk. Those halftones are to add to the natural beauty of a woman, and not to compete with it for attention, encasing her like a gemstone. In the collection the main positions are taken by fur cardigans, coats, and vests, color of which ranges from withered rose to lavender and mint. All of those articles of clothing are light, comfortable and are easily wearable in everyday life outside of chilly Russian climate. Light, warm colors, and womanly forms of leather jackets in the collection will not leave a womans soul untouched. Cashmere coats of flourishing colors, including calm palette of mink will add to individualism of each woman and will bring excitement to the ordinary,routin days. This year the designer was inspired by an image of a woman who walks her own path, in calm manner and softness.